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Mirco Ravanelli

PhD student / Internship
  • Phone: +39 0461314530
  • FBK Povo
Short bio

Mirco Ravanelli received his master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Trento, Italy in 2011. He then joined the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK), contributing to the some projects on distant-talking speech recognition in noisy and reverberant environments, such as DIRHA and DOMHOS. In 2013 he was visiting researcher at the International Computer Science Institute (University of California, Berkeley) working on deep neural networks for large-vocabulary speech recognition. The primary focus of my PhD is on Deep Neural Networks for Distant-Talking (Far-Field) Speech Recognition, with a particular focus on the domestic environment.

Research interests
Distant-Talking Speech Recognition in Noisy and Reverberant Environments Deep Neural Networks and Deep Learning Multi-Microphone Signal Processing based on Distributed Microphone Networks and Microphone Arrays Robust Acoustic Scene Analysis in Adverse Conditions Methods for Impulse Response Measurement and Multi-Microphones Data Contamination Acoustic Event Detection for Large Scale Video Event Classification

M. Ravanelli, L. Cristoforetti, R. Gretter, M. Pellin, A. Sosi, M. Omologo, "The DIRHA-English corpus and related tasks for distant-speech recognition in domestic environments", accepted at ASRU 2015. 

M. Ravanelli, B.Elizalde, G. Friedland, J. Bernd, "Insights into Audio-Based Multimedia Event Classification with Neural Networks", accepted at ACM@MMCOMMONS 2015.

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M. Ravanelli, M. Omologo, "On the selection of the impulse responses for distant-speech recognition based on contaminated speech training", in Proceedings of  INTERSPEECH 2014, Singapore. [pdf] 

M. Matassoni, R. Astudillo, A. Katsamanis, M. Ravanelli, “The DIRHA-GRID corpus: baseline and tools for multi-room distant speech recognition using distributed microphones”, in Proceedings of  INTERSPEECH 2014, Singapore. [pdf]  

A. Brutti, M. Ravanelli, M. Omologo, "SASLODOM: Speech Actvity detection and Speaker LOcalization in DOMestic environments", Proceedings of Evalita 2014, Pisa, Italy.

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M. Ravanelli, A. Sosi, P. Svaizer, M.Omologo, "Impulse response estimation for robust speech recognition in a reverberant environment",   in Proceeding of the European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO 2012, Bucharest, Romania.  [pdf]