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SpeechDat-Car and VODIS-II

Project researchers

SpeechDat-Car (SDC) is a project(LE4-8334) of the European Community consisting in collecting a database of in-vehicle utterances.
VODIS-II is another project(LE4-8336) of the EC. This project can be seen as a subset of the SpeechDat-Car project, since its goal is to collect in-car utterances. The project aim is to collect utterances for only two languages (Italian and English), while the SDC project includes nine European languages.

Here follows a short description of the SpeechDar-Car project.

The project aims to collect nine speech databases to support training and testing of speech recognizers for in-car applications.

In-car applications contains:

  • voice dialing for radiophones in cars
  • accessing remote teleservices and voice driven services from car telephones
  • controlling car accessories
Wednesday, 1 April, 1998 to Tuesday, 31 October, 2000
30 Months
  • car manufacturers: BMW, Fiat, Renault, SEAT-VW
  • phone communications operators: Bosch, Alcatel, Knowledge, Lernout & Hauspie, Matra, Nokia, Sonofon, Tawido, Vocalis
  • universities: CPK Denmark, DMI Finland, IPSK Germany, SPEX Netherlands, UPC Spain, WCL Greece
  • research institutes: ITC-irst
Unit role: 

Project Partner - Italian database collection