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CHIL Interactive Meetings


In the CHIL project, ITC-irst collected some seminars for being used as training material. Interactive meetings were composed by 3-4 persons sitting around a table a wearing a close-talk microphone. There was a strong interaction between the presenter and the audience, with numerous questions. In addiction, there was always a coffee break scheduled and a significant number of acoustic events was generated.

Description of the recording audio setup

These seminars were held in the CHIL-room, a dedicated room with cameras and microphones installed on the walls. 28 microphones were mounted in 7 T-shaped arrays and then there were 4 table microphones. All the participants wore a close-talk microphone. Finally, a NIST MarkIII array modified by ITC-irst was present in the room.
Data were recorded at 44.1kHz and 32-bit precision. All the channels except the MarkIII were synchronized through a clock on BNC connector. Signal format is Windows WAV (RAW Little Endian), while for the MarkIII data format is RAW 24 bit.

Microphones description

Table and T-array microphones: Shure MX391 boundary microphones
Closetalk microphones: Countryman E6 earset microphones

Description of the recording procedure

Recordings were done in an unobtrusive way. Two of the speakers wore a radio controlled close talk microphone, in order to feel free in the movements. The other two persons were given wired close talk microphones. Before the beginning of the meeting the audio and video recording were started and stopped at the end. A ciak noise was produced to synchronize the audio and the video signals.

Description of the database

ITC-irst recorded 5 interactive meetings. Duration of the meetings ranged from 30 to 45 minutes.
In total there are 38 single signals from the microphones plus one MarkIII array signal for each seminar. Every file name corresponds to the microphone connected, so Array_a_1.raw corresponds to the first microphone of the array named a.

Recorded meetings were the following:
14/07/06 - Marco Matassoni, "The HIWIRE project"
22/09/06, 09:30 - Alessandro Cappelletti, "CWS CHIL compliant - part 1"
22/09/06, 10:30 - Alessandro Cappelletti, "CWS CHIL compliant - part 2"
27/09/06, 10:30 - Roberto Brunelli, ""
28/09/06, 10:30 - Bruno Caprile, ""