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Mirco Ravanelli was awarded the IBM Best Student Paper Award at the ICASSP Conference in New Orleans (USA), for the joint FBK-Univ. of Montreal paper

"A network of deep neural networks for distant speech recognition"

by Mirco Ravanelli, Philemon Brakel, Maurizio Omologo, Yoshua Bengio.


The paper “On-line cross-modal adaptation for audio-visual person identification with wearable cameras”, authored by Alessio Brutti and Andrea Cavallaro, has been accepted in the IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems.


The following papers have been accepted to be presented at Interspeech 2016:

  • A Phase-Based Time-Frequency masking for multi-channel speech enhancement in domestic environments
    Alessio Brutti, Antigoni Tsiami, Athanasios Katsamanis and Petros Maragos
  • Channel Selection for Distant Speech Recognition Exploiting Cepstral Distance
    Cristina Guerrero, Georgina Tryfou and Maurizio Omologo
  • Realistic multi-microphone data simulation for distant speech recognition
    Mirco Ravanelli, Piergiorgio Svaizer and Maurizio Omologo

A. Brutti and M. Matassoni: "On the relationship between Early-to-Late Ratio of Room Impulse Responses and ASR performance in reverberant environments", Speech Communication, 2015.


Two papers have been accepted at INTERSPEECH 2014:

  • M. Ravanelli, M. Omologo, "On the selection of the impulse responses for distant-speech recognition based on contaminated speech training", in Proceedings of  INTERSPEECH 2014, Singapore.
  • M. Matassoni, R. Astudillo, A. Katsamanis, M. Ravanelli, “The DIRHA-GRID corpus: baseline and tools for multi-room distant speech recognition using distributed microphones”, in Proceedings of  INTERSPEECH 2014, Singapore.


Three papers have been presented at EUSIPCO 2014:


Two papers have been accepted at IWAENC 2014


Mirco Ravanelli and Alessandro Sosi have been invited to the “Google Doctoral Workshop on Speech Technology” presenting two posters on “Distant-Talking Speech Recognition with Deep Neural Networks ” and “Applications of Distant-Talking Speech Recognition”, respectively.


A paper has been accepted at the LREC 2014 Conference.


Two papers have been accepted at HSCMA 2014 Workshop.